Eye ❤️ Halloween

Dollar Dollar (Store) Eyeballs Ya’ll

Every single day I feel overwhelmed and over it. All I have time for is work, school, and everything John Henry. Trying to take care of all of that is unpossible. The stress of the last two weeks is an elephant weight I feel everywhere and always. 

I’ve been doing all the things I can think of to relieve the stress. Blah blah blah. I have unhealthy coping mechanisms and more issues than Playboy. It’s not that interesting.

Boring story short is that I went to my favorite dollar store, bought some dumb, useless, and cheap retail thearpy items that I turned into a fun Halloween craft. Which I will now share with you because I can and because I want the world to be as excited for Halloween 2016 as I am.

You should be able to get everything needed to make the eyeball jar from the dollar store. If you don’t count the cork lid I took from the candle, the entire craft cost about three dollars plus tax to make.  It takes more than 12 eyeballs (one package) to fill the jar and you will have leftovers if you only make one jar. I made two variations using other items found at the dollar store. I added battery operated purple lights to one jar and gold “eyeballs” letter stickers to the other. 

As long as the hole is big enough to squeeze an eyeball through, any jar you wanna throw a dollar at will work for this craft.

The same can be said about the sticker letters and battery operated lights. The eyeballs are also available in orange and purple, so the opportunities for individual creativity are endlessish.  

Pro tip, I used a metal stick (leftover piece of wire hanger from none of your business) to position the eyeballs after I dropped them into the jar. You want to see the eyeballs while trying to not think about how the eyeballs can also see you.

Safety warning, I don’t know how chill the lights and eyeballs will be hanging out together in a glass jar. Use caution and common sense. Never leave anything that could potentially burn your house down unattended. 

59 days, 3 hours, and six minutes left until Halloween 2016…


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