Dopamine Got Me Like Whoa

I didn’t have to work today. Thank You to everyone everywhere who made that possible. I don’t know who you are; for that I am sorry.

I found this quote in an old Victorian decorating magazine. I was eating dinner but secretly thinking about how delicious lunch was. Dinner was a hamburger. Lunch was a doctored frozen pizza. The best frozen pizza of my entire life. If I’m being completely honest, I’m still thinking about lunch and dinner was three hours ago. I’ll be thinking about lunch for days. But I’ve been thinking about him non-stop for about a month now so maybe this is just my brain’s attempt to spice shit up.

Back to the quote. It’s beyond senseless. What the fuck does “warp and wool” even mean? How is a prospective relationship a nest? Why would a relationship never consist of “large talk?” Who would want to have a relationship with no large talk? Also, your relationship nest is going to be weak as shit if it just consists of little feathers and pieces of string. You need fucking mud and sticks to keep your relationship nest from falling apart or breaking in the damn wind blowing through the tree of your life. Plus, if your relationship nest gets jacked because you suck at large talk, it’ll end up breaking all those delicate eggs filled with your bullshit hopes and dreams. Right? But what do I know. There are zero little feathers and pieces of string in any of my relationship nests. I fucking fail at small talk. Sigh. I’m the reason why we can’t have a nice relationship nest.



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