Good News is Good News

So two days ago John Henry told me that his teacher gave him 500 dollars. I gave him a “yeah right” look and asked if he meant real money dollars. Because fake money as a reward system is a real thing in school. He gave me a “you’re an asshole” look. For a kid in first grade he gives that look to me kinda a lot. Then he mentioned something about a “big check.”
I realized I had no idea what the fuck he was trying to tell me. I also knew if I asked questions he would get annoyed and blow me off or give me a “please stop talking” look. Or he would give me the look and straight up tell me to please stop talking. He might not even use the word please.
Today John Henry’s teacher called me to tell me what actually happened.
It’s pretty badass.
She wrote a grant letter for $500 dollars. She wants items for the sensory room at John Henry’s school. It’s his favorite room. He loves it. John Henry wrote a letter saying how he would benefit from the new items for the sensory room. They won the grant.
It’s really good shit. I’m super happy for John Henry. He is very lucky to have such an amazing and supportive teacher.
Every week John Henry is coming up with some new reason why he doesn’t have to go to school. Last night he told me that he had learned enough and was done with school. I was all “you’re in first grade. You haven’t learned enough at all.” He was all “I’m on a new level. I’ve learned enough words.”
I know that school is always going to be a challenge for him. But it’s really really really amazeballs to know that there are teachers who are doing everything they can to give him the tools he needs to take on that challenge.


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