Off the Friend List

This is why working at the sausage festival will drive you insane:

My boss told a co-worker to relieve me over a walker-talkie. My co-worker did not hear the reason why and told me that he thought I was going to be relieving someone else.
My boss actually wanted me to go to medical to get my earholes measured for custom earplugs. By the time I figured that out and got to medical, the lady who measures the earholes had left for the day. Walking around trying to figure out where I was supposed to go had taken too long.
The real kicker is my boss had also been wandering around looking for me, trying to figure out why I didn’t go straight to medical. So he felt the need to vent his frustration about the fact that I didn’t show up to medical in a timely fashion. In front of soooo many other sausages.
No big deal. I calmly talked my boss down off his angry boss mountain. How was I supposed to know to go straight to medical when no one told me that’s what my boss wanted me to do? And also, didn’t he just tell me that morning my earhole measuring appointment was in two weeks? This place is pure chaos and no one is to blame. Just saying.
I mean No one can hear each other on those walkie-talkies. It’s like listening to Charlie Brown’s teacher if she suffered from multiple personality disorder.
I want to get mad and pissed off about what happened but that would be so fucking pointless. I can’t change anything that happened. I can’t prevent it from ever happening again. The only thing I can do is laugh at the pointlessness slash stupid beauty of everyone and everything every single day. I mean I can’t be the only one killing time before its socially acceptable to go back to bed and not be considered a lazy slacker, right?


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