Sofa King Insane

Here is an early Christmas present from me to you.
It’s an old journal entry from sunday March 7th, 2010.

My List of Types of Bitches

so today I was looking online for ideas for journal entries. I couldn’t find anything good and then I remembered the story GTP told at lunch yesterday about the person who found the list of bitches in a classroom for 3rd graders in Washington. It was stupid funny. I decided it would be a good fun, lighthearted entry if I made my own list of bitches. My favorite one from the kids list was #85 uncreative bitches. The 3rd grader had 90 bitches total. Not sure if I can even come up with that many.
1. humorless bitches
2. bitches that tell me to smile
3. complaining bitches
4. small dicked bitches that can’t make me cum
5. bitches that don’t like sluts
6. old skinny bitches that look better than me.
7. food smelling sweating bitches that stink too close to me at the gym
8. creeper bitches
9. fucking bitches
10. boring bitches
11. bitches that don’t have gum when you need it
12. bossy bitches
13. OCD bitches who try to deny it
14. bitches that won’t pay attention to me
15. bitches that blame me for shit I didn’t do
16. bitter bitches
17. well rested bitches that get enough sleep and like to go on and on about how they slept for more than two hours the night before and how they didn’t have to get up at 3am to go to work
18. bitches that can wear the color orange
19. uncaffeinated bitches
20. bitches who say the word orientated
21. codependent bitches
22. bitches that get mad at me and then don’t text me back about it
23. bitches named (your name here)
24. timely bitches
25. bitches that eat my cheese
26. bitches that dump me
27. bitches that try to get back together with me five hours after they dump me and then get all upset when I say no
28. eat whatever they wanna and never workout about it bitches
29. bitches that still smoke
30. bitches that tell me no


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