Hyperfocused much?

When I’m not taking Adderall I find most shit to be boring. Not just boring. Utterly boring. Stupid boring. The most boring shit pretty much ever. Small talk is boring. Any color that isn’t neon is stupid. Just everything ever fucking sucks so much and I hate how boring it always is.
Except some people, anything neon, and my brain’s equivalent of a junk-drawer full of random shit that totally radiates with life so hard my mouth salivates like I bit my cheek on accident. My all-time favorite people are just the most interesting and fascinating people ever. Their lives are like pirates’ treasure to me. I am grateful to know them. I am grateful they exist.
Neon is the best invention ever. Amiright? I can’t think of a single thing that wouldn’t look better in neon. All the neon colors are all good and they all look good together. So good. If neon was a person, I’d hit it and never quit it.
Right now,though, I am obsessed with essential oils. I can’t even tell you exactly how it started but me and essential oils have been going strong for a solid minute. I currently own about ten essential oils.
Lemon is my favorite. In the morning I put lemon oil in a bowl full of water. Then I drop grapes into the bowl. I leave the grapes in the lemon oil water for a few minutes and then I fish them out and pack them for work. I eat my lemon oil grapes for breakfast. They are delicious. And theoretically good for me.
I also use tea tree oil. Every single day. I put it on my face in the morning and the evening. I used to hate the smell of tea tree oil, but now I kinda like it. Fine. I more than kinda like the smell of tea tree oil.
I google essential-oil-related shit every other day. I follow the Instagram, FaceBook, and Pinterest accounts of other people more obsessed than I am with essential oil. I’ve taken pictures of my essential oils. I am ashamed to admit that last one.
If you have no idea what essential oils are all about; go suck a peppermint oiled dick. But only if it’s an oil made by a company whose oils are considered safe to ingest.


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