Blame it on the Pecan Pie

Did I tell you about how I suck at passwords? Writing them down, remembering them, remembering to write them down, remembering where the piece of paper I wrote them down on is, remembering if I’ve already told you all about this or not. Sigh.
Long story longer, I got a new iPhone and couldn’t remember the password to my blog. So I forgot to reset that shit, and then I kind of abandoned my blog. This is where I should apologize to you for forgetting. But seriously. Fuck that. No one is surprised I forgot. Right? If you want an apology here, I’m sorry that I think your attitude sucks right now. There. I apologized and you totally forgave me. Everyone saw it because it just happened. You’re a really good person who doesn’t hold on to silly grudges. Everyone says so.
Moving on.
I got upgraded to full-time status at my part-time job. It sucks. So much. I mean it’s not the worst job ever and the pay is good. At least once a day one of my co-workers will shrug their shoulders and say “it’s a job.” Which is profoundly simple and depressingly honest. I like to say my job is where time goes to die. Which is also simple and depressing and mostly honest but not at all profound.
I know that I’ve got soooooo much catching up to do and what not but who knows how long it’s been since I’ve written a post. I’m already tired. I mean I know this is the internet so I can look that information up super easy but my hand hurts from holding the phone for FOREVER and my fingers are just done. Mama needs a break. Writing on an iPhone is hard yo. You get it because you’re super smart and pretty.
Plus, now that I reset my password I can totally come back tomorrow to write another blog. Which I will. Seriously. I will. I promise. I mean as long as I don’t forget. For real. I mean I might forget. So no promises.


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