Pro Tip: Anyone with a penis hates being called Grandma

It finally happened. I ran into the mom from the park. The one whose name I swore I would remember even if I couldn’t recall her face.
She started talking to me like we were old friends and it wasn’t until after she said her son’s name that I remembered her. Which sucks. Because she knows I had no idea who she is. I mean not only did I forget her face, I also forgot her name. I suck more than all the people who complain about how much they hate Mondays on FaceBook.
Plus side, she’s nice enough to start up a conversation with me so maybe she’s too nice to think I suck and if I play my cards right maybe I’ll remember her next time I see her. Her face that is. I’m still shooting blanks on her name. Sigh.
Is it me or does ADHD make it so I will never be in the running for any “worlds best mom” awards? Not that I’m doing this for recognition or accolades. I honestly hope NO ONE EVER is watching me parent.
Pay no attention to the moron in the black leggings. She’s not the great and powerful mom. Except maybe a little. I mean in all areas of life I totally suck but I know we can all agree I am kind of a badass. I still got it. Right?


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