The Mood Enhancer Holding Pattern

The last time I shit happened a little over five days ago. If you’ve made any offerings to the porcelain god in that time, don’t take it personally but, I fucking hate you so much always and forever.
When I went to visit my sister in California I forgot literally every single medication except for my Adderall. I forgot John Henry’s medication, the linzess that helps me poo(when it works), the tramadol for my pain, and actually just those three so I guess I didn’t need the comma for a fourth.
So John Henry got intense and my ass got backed up not in the grind against a penis on the dance floor way. It sucked slash still sucks since I have yet to poo.
I wish I was dead.
It’s like I’m filled with concentrated hate originating at my star hole and pushing all the way up to my brain. I feel like shit because I’m full of my own shit and it won’t come out of me.
Did I ever tell you that when I was little I used to cry when I pooped? From straining. My sister used to make fun of me for it all the time. Normally I don’t mind that she used to laugh at my expense but right now I think she’s a bitch and I don’t care if you tell her I said that. Fuck all of you in the ass. With NO LUBE.
I’m sorry I typed that. I wish I didn’t mean it. Kind of. Not really though. Not at all. You suck. I really fucking hate you so much right now.
I wish you would die.
No I don’t. I’m so sorry. I just need to poop. I’ll feel better after I poop.
If I ever poop.
You’re probably feeling a little defensive and it’s making you question my fiber habits like maybe all of this constipation anger is avoidable. You’re all like “maybe eat some vegetables and fruit and fiber rich shit and your sorry ass wouldn’t have this problem.”
Fuck that. Fuck you.
I eat plenty of fiber. I eat so much fiber all day every day. That’s not it. It’s this whole venous congestion syndrome bullshit. We’ve talked about this and I’m tired of reminding you that I got medical problems because read the rest of my blog dickless. You make it so hard for me to like you when you act like someone I don’t like.


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