Venous congestion syndrome is a stupid bitch

I would like to preface this post with the fact that I went to bed last night at 7:30ish pm, and woke up at midnight. I was wide awake too. I woke up to back pain. My back hurt sofuckingmuch, it woke me up. I just need you to know that I got less than five hours of sleep today. I also need you to know that my period is about to start. Also, don’t forget about the wake your mom up in the middle of the night back pain.
I took a Naproxen at one when I realized I wasn’t going to go back to sleep. It helped.
I also ate some cherry cobbler dessert leftover thing my mom made the night before. With cinnamon ice cream. Then I had a mini epiphany. Part of the reason I never much noticed my period pain before is because I was drowning it with sugar.
This is how my brain works: Feel pain, ignore pain. Feel strong pain, distract brain with delicious sugar. Feel debilitating pain, take twice the recommended dosage of pain pills.
I had the light bulb moment because I’ve been working though my food equals happy feelings for the past month and a half. I was on auto-pilot when I served myself. Bad habits/unhealthy addictions are hard to break because many of them are automatic responses. I have a very deep and emotionally satisfying relationship with sugar. It’s inside my brain and my body. Maybe. I don’t know. This feels like it could be the longest paragraph ever. I took a Vicodin an hour ago. This all could just be the Vicodin talking.


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