Tuesday is the new Saturday &Sunday

There is so much sadness inside me today.
I mean I woke up happy. Today is my day off so I’m pretty excited to be not working.
I got John Henry to school in time.
This morning John Henry called Corn Pops Porn Cops and that made me giggle.
Today is the day for his ADD meeting at school. I should say his attention and focus meeting but whatever. I’m not good at lying to myself. So I don’t bother with trying.
I think I’m having trouble staying focused on the present. My brain keeps getting tangled in the past. I wish the past was a physical object you could throw away like actual trash. That way, as soon as it got picked up by the trash collectors, I’d forget all about it. For forever and shit.
I’m not nervous about the meeting. I’m hopeful for the future. This is a good step in the right direction for John Henry and I’m happy to help with whatever I can. He is an awesome and amazing person.
I’m just sad. It’s been rough to be me lately. Work is hard and it takes up the majority of my time six days a week. This morning John Henry was all kinds of please be home after school today.
Out of all of the things that I have to give up in order to have two jobs, time with John Henry is the one that sucks the hardest. And it is vacuum cleaner hickey hard.


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